Friday, March 20, 2009

Emacs next-line Changed Behavior?

I just made a macro to do some quick-n-dirty editing and noticed that c-n, or next-line, acts funny. If the line is long and wraps, it goes to the next visual line, not the actual next line of text (as delimited with a newline). Inconsistently, c-e, or move-end-of-line, still goes to the end of the actual line, not to just before it wraps (moves to the newline). This is with emacs, which isn't an official release, so maybe that's just what I get for being bleeding edge. Anyway, it was kind of weird and I wanted to document it. I like the old behavior of c-n better, but the c-e thing allowed my macro to still be possible.

Some good that came of this was that markhepburn noticed this too, and google picked it up, and now I can see all the other cool emacs discoveries he has posted in his twitter feed.