End of the Flashlight Story

Sorry it's been so long. I did play with my flashlight some more. I did exactly what I said I was thinking about doing at the end of that last entry, cutting traces and soldering on new wires, but since the wire I used was so thick there was no way it was going to fit back inside the case. I gave myself credit for fixing it anyway. Not long after I read about edge-lit holiday cards. They looked so cool in the pictures I had to try it. My wife scratched her best wintery scene on some acrylic that I paid waaaay too much for at Michael's and I taped together the light source, using one of the LEDs from my flashlight (yep, I broke it again). I think the acrylic from Michael's was too thick and hard to scratch, and looking at the original instructions again, I'm seeing that they used much smaller pieces too. Ours didn't light up nearly as well. It was fun though. Here's how it turned out: I know, not too impressive of a lighting job. The photography could use some help too, but I had to document it.


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