Fix for Cura's Ender 3 gcode

A child of mine finally asked for a 3d printer.  I knew that if I tried to push it, no kid would be interested, so I didn't.  But finally, one of them asked for one.  We ordered the Creality Ender 3 that night from their website and some filament from Amazon.  It all arrived a couple days later and we enjoyed the process of assembling it and then finally printing the gcode files that were on the SD card that came with the printer.  Including those was a really nice touch.  Once we got the bed close enough to the nozzle it all worked great.

After the initial success we found some models on thingiverse, sliced them with Cura, and then saw the printer do something like this (not my video) over and over.  Too much filament in the wrong place, no filament in the wrong place.  It was a strange and bewildering start-up sequence to watch.  I searched the internet for advice and didn't find much.  I finally just opened up the gcode file that Cura created and compared it to the gcode files that came with the printer.  There was definitely a more complicated start-up sequence in the Cura file.  I deleted it, replaced it with what came with the printer, and prints are all working again.

You can make this change permanent in Cura by clicking Settings->Printer->manage printer.  Then click on your printer and click the Machine Settings button.  In the text box on the left labeled "Start G-code" delete all the gcode there and replace it with this:

; Ender 3 Custom Start G-code
G28 ; home all axes
G92 E0
G1 E-10.0000 F6000
G1 Z0.750 F1002
; process Process1
; layer 1, Z = 0.450

Now your Cura-sliced prints will work nicely on your Ender 3.


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