My .emacs is now in Mercurial

A while ago I decided to start maintaining my .emacs file under revision control. I picked git because it seemed like the cool thing to do. I put it on gitorious so that I could easily sync it with my home and work machines, and it was public in the off chance that it might help out some other emacs user. Today I converted it from git to mercurial, because for some reason

hg incoming

is more intuitive and easier for me to remember than

git fetch && git log ..origin/master

Maybe I'm weird that way. Anyway, the new repo is on bitbucket. That is all.


Anonymous said…
how do you do with the various private data (password et cetera) within your .emacs?
Anonymous said…
Why do you not simply define a git alias for that chain?
Richard said…
Seems a strange criteria for moving to something like mercurial over the excellent and fast git. You dont need to remember anything like that : use magit inside emacs to do it for you ;)
Bryan said…
I didn't switch just for that one command, that was just the straw that broke the camel's back last night. Part of me says, "hey, you are smart hacker, don't be intimidated by git's, um, interesting command sytax, it's no worse than other unix tools like, say, find." But another part of me say, "what are those cryptic commands buying me that I don't get from intuitive mercurial? Not much."

This article explains the user interface differences pretty well.

So yeah, I could do the work to learn git equivalents to mercurial, and even make git aliases to make it look like mercurial, *or* I could just use mercurial. And don't worry, mercurial is excellent and fast too.

There are also mercurial patch queues, with which I have recently fallen in love. Steve Losh articulates their advantages masterfully.

Also, so far I don't have any passwords in my .emacs. If I ever have a need to do that I'll probably just put them in a separate file that my .emacs loads, and not check that file in.
bank000 said…
my solution is to encrypt my password file by gnupg and I make a script to encrypt/decrypt when check in/out for convient. Hope it will helps.

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