Convert putty key to openssh on linux

I had a putty generated ssh key that I wanted to use on my linux box (long story). Turns out it's simple to convert it using linux tools. Here are the steps:

sudo aptitude install putty-tools

Then, to convert a private putty key named id_dsa.ppk to an openssh key named id_dsa:

puttygen id_dsa.ppk -O private-openssh -o id_dsa

Then just type in the key's passphrase and you're done. You can type puttygen --help to see similar options for public keys.


Anonymous said…
thanks a lot for this post you saved my day !

Anonymous said…
Many thanks for this - by far the most trouble-free way of doing it!
Anonymous said…
Thanks, very handy post, saved me a lot of heartache trying to do this via Wine.
Anonymous said…
Olivier said…
Thanks dude !! You really helped :)
K Matthias said…
Majorly helpful. Cheers.
Anonymous said…
Thanks, this really helps.

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