Phone on Fire

Another interesting embedded systems blog. The sample chapter from her book was an entertaining read too. I got a little impatient with the explanations to the, evidently, inexperienced co-worker and I just wanted to get to the end of the chapter to see that I was right about the cause of the bug. The sloppy indentation was a little too much of a giveaway, if you ask me. I first thought that it was a perfect argument against coding standards, seeing as how that buggy line wouldn't have stood out so much if it had been following the standard, but then I realized that if there was no standard (as I've seen somewhere before), then all the lines look equally sloppy and the bad ones never stick out like that (because the buggy code is always formatted incorrectly :-)

Anyway, not your usual embedded systems reading material, in a very good way. I'm glad the Embedded Muse pointed it out.


Anonymous said…
Hi Bryan

Thanks for a post on my blog and book. Jack Ganssle is a great inspiration to me and many others.

You are right - some of the mysteries are for beginners and others are more complicated. And most focus on coding at the metal without requiring advanced programming techniques, but instead to illustrate debugging thought processes.

I also wanted to provide a Day-in-the-Life element for newer engineers because, you know, textbooks can be boring.

I appreciate your feedback. I am always looking for ideas and guidance for a second book if I get the time.

My best,

Technology Blog: "Real Life Debugged"
Bryan said…

Thanks for your comment. I hope this entry didn't sound too negative, I really enjoyed the chapter and I'm excited to read the whole story. Definitely looks more exciting than a boring textbook!
Anonymous said…
Hi Bryan,

No, not at all. You've already successfully argued both sides of the indentation issue successfully! Amazingly, all of this is true stuff. (In the heat of deadlines, even the strictest coding standards can be completely trashed, as you are surely well aware. Oh, the nightmares this reminds me of...)

I'm glad you liked it! Now go read the whole thing and put up another review! (smiles)

My best

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