Laptop Twinview Dual-external Displays

I feel like I'm so close on this, but I'm just not getting it. I mentioned my 8510w laptop setup previously, and how I have two xorg.conf files that I switch between, restarting X to configure using either my dual-external displays or my laptop display. Well, I'm not satisfied with this setup. I've been playing with xrandr and MetaModes and I can use xrandr to switch from the dual external displays to the single laptop display, and I can sort of switch back to the external displays, but it either only uses one of them and you can pan to view the whole dual-display-sized screen, or it uses the laptop display and one of the external displays. Grr.

Has anyone been able to get this to work? I've seen mention of using refresh rates or EDID to somehow get this working, but I haven't seen any solid examples of what to do. I've also seen suggestions to just use nvidia-settings. That's a lot of clicking. I'd love just a simple script to run.


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