Less Awful Resume Tool

(UPDATE 12/5/2015: moved to github)

If you read Steve Yegge's Ten Tips for a (Slightly) Less Awful Resume, you'll notice that he lists various words and phrases that you should avoid using in your resume. I was re-reading that hilarious, uncouth, yet insightful blog entry a couple days ago and started sweating that I might have a Weasel Word or two in my own resume. This could happen purely by accident, of course (we all get sloppy now and then, right?), so this obviously called for an automated tool. As a result, I present to you the Less Awful Resume Tool, or, lart.
lart is a simple tool (written in Python) that searches a text file (ideally your resume) for those words and phrases called out in Steve Yegge's essay, and alerts you to their presence. I have claimed no copyright over this work, and the code is hosted at the Less Awful Resume Tool project on gitorious github. You can do a git pull as instructed there to get the code, or download a zip archive. There's no installation, it's just one file that you run as a command-line application, passing it a text version of your resume (which is the only version you need, according to the essay). If you'd like me to add a feature or fix a bug, feel free to send me a pull request (or just leave a comment here if that's easier).


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