Upgrade XO to Build 703

I upgraded my XO to Build 703 this week. It was a little difficult at first, but I like it now. It's so cool that it now suspends when you close the lid. This is the first Linux laptop that I've had that does that so smoothly.

Disk space is at a premium on this little machine. I actually couldn't get Sugar to start after the upgrade until I did a ctrl-alt-f1 over to a virtual console and removed some files from my home directory. One utility that is nice for adding and, maybe more importantly, removing Activities is xo-get.py. Once installed you can just ./xo-get.py remove ActivityName to free up more disk space. Nice.

Removing activities wasn't nearly enough though. I was still really full on disk space and after poking around with du I found the /versions directory that seems to contain the complete set of files for the previous version of the OLPC software (after an update you can boot the previous version by holding down tho 'o' gamepad key). That takes up a lot of disk space. I searched and searched to see if there was a recommended safe way to get rid of stuff in /versions, and all I found was a mailing list post saying that you *should* be able to delete stuff in the versions directory. I didn't feel safe deleting stuff that seemed to be the currently running OS (I checked /versions/run/BIGLONGHASHEDVALUE/etc/issue to be sure), but I deleted the old version and everything seems to be running OK still. A little faster even.

We are going on a long road trip and the XO is the only laptop I'm going to bring. Wish me luck.


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