Ubuntu Hardy - Worse Photo Import Than Before

I like f-spot a lot, but it has a few things that really bug me. I guess I should stop complaining and get involved, but then I'd have to learn C#. I don't know if I can bring myself to do that ;-) Anyway, here is what I used to see when I connected my digital camera to my Ubuntu 7.10 machine:

Now that I have Ubuntu 8.04, when I plug in my camera I first see this:

Yes, that's two confusing choices for one camera. Choosing either gets the same results:

Yup, it's offering to download some xml files and some other non-image files, and more room is devoted to showing you the full path to the files (that you really don't care about) than to showing you the actual thumbnail image. The option to delete from the camera what you just downloaded is gone too. Oh, and no videos will actually show up in F-spot, the program that is now doing this importing. Was anyone who uses a digital camera consulted on this move? I'm not alone in not liking this change.


danielpoe said…

just as an information, the first import dialog (from 7.10) looks suspiciously like the gthumb import dialog, so if you want to have the old dialog back you could change this in the default application for photo import. And I agree the f-spot dialog really needs some love. Strange for an application which cares so much about user interaction to have such a strange dialog. I guess they didn't focused on this to much so far ...

Bryan said…
Daniel, that's true and I should have pointed out that it changed from gthumb to f-spot. The thead I linked to is all about changing the default from f-spot to gthumb. Problem is, I really like f-spot and I do want my photos imported into it.

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