Hardy Upgrade Broke Apache Logging

I noticed today that my upgrade to Hardy broke my Apache logs for my little family website that I'm hosting. It turns out that I had a LogFormat definition in apache2.conf called comonvhost. All my sites in sites-available used this with a line like this:

CustomLog /var/log/apache2/access.log comonvhost

Well, in the upgrade, the commonvhost LogFormat was removed from my apache2.conf and replaced with three other LogFormats named, "combined," "common," and "referer (sic)." My log file became filled with lines that simply said, "commonvhost."

Here I'd like pause and say that having /etc under revision control made this very easy to debug. All I had to do was run git diff -r <some commit before the upgrade> on the various files in /etc/apache2 and it became obvious very quick what had happened. I'm so glad I set that up.

Anyway, after changing my sites-available files to all use the new combined LogFormat instead of commonvhost, my access.log started looking like it should again. Phew!


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