"could not stat the resume device file"

We have a local mirror of the Ubuntu repos here at work and they are pretty fast. I couldn't figure out how to get update-manager to use them, so I upgraded my desktop machine to Hardy Heron by changing everything in /etc/apt/sources.list from gutsy to hardy and typed sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade and let it run. It asked a couple questions about modified config files and such which I answered, and then it was done. I rebooted and it put up the pretty "UBUNTU" with the new pulsating KITT-esque progress bar...and it never went beyond that. I finally hit alt-f1 and saw that it was waiting for my input with the prompt:

resume: could not stat resume device file /dev/sda10. Please type in the name to try again or press ENTER to boot the system

I hit enter and it seemed to boot just fine. This is a pretty annoying thing to have to do every time you boot, so I searched until I found the solution for me: reinstall initramfs-tools, like so:

sudo aptitude reinstall initramfs-tools

Like Lauri Kainulainen wrote in that launchpad bug report, I've never used hibernate on this machine, so this is pretty puzzling. However, I'm continually impressed that I can find help for these obscure problems so quickly. It pays to use a popular distribution and to not be the first to try out new things with it.


Anonymous said…
This error happened to me too. So I followed the instruction:

sudo aptitude reinstall initramfs-tools

and now don't get this error on booting. I encountered this error after adding a new controller (Promise 133TX and two IDE drives as a RAID) to Ubuntu 8.04 running on an Abit BP6 dual celeron.
Paul said…
But why does the error say /dev/sda10 and not /dev/disk/by-uuid/

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