Some More Tweaks to my XO

I went through all the tweaks to get XFCE running on the XO. It definitely feels snappier than Sugar, but it's all a big hack, and you still don't get the camera and microphone, and networking with wifi-radar was a little iffy.

Bill Clementson gave some great tips for tweaking the XO to make Sugar a little more adult friendly. I love his quake terminal hack, it is so much faster and convenient than the built in terminal activity. I have also settled on Firefox as my browser like him. It looks pretty good:

For some reason I just couldn't get used to Opera. Firefox seems a little slower than Opera did, but it still feels faster than the browse activity that came with the XO. Bump up the minimum font size on Firefox to about 20 and it looks beautiful.

I got evince to install for viewing PDF files (yum install evince) and it works pretty well too:

I spent this evening upgrading my family website all from my couch with the XO. Being able to flip from Firefox to the terminal with ctrl-down was awesome, and I still can't get over how quiet, cool, and, well, cuddly the XO is. I used my work laptop for a bit and it is so uncomfortable with all it's sharp corners, noisy fans, and lap-burning heat. It's also nice to not have to worry about battery time with the XO like I do with the laptop. Just turning off the LCD backlight saves so much power. What a great machine.


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