No, I must be a noob

I spoke too soon in favor of Stevey's latest. I'm looking at all my C++ code now in a totally different light, and questioning everything...does that really need to be an enum there, or just an int? I was going to turn that C-function into a static function of this class, should I bother now? Do I need that error handler class like I was thinking Friday, or should I just stick a couple functions in this file? Are namespaces useless metadata too? Gee thanks, Steve! I mean, what do you want, for us to all write quick and dirty spaghetti code? After all, the experts who maintain it should be able to figure it out. Why don't we just write machine code, it's closer to the computation, without any verbose and useless metadata, right? Can we get a little moderation here?

If you can't tell, I'm torn. I like what Steve had to say, but I hate it. I must be a noob still.


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