Windows XP on the XO!

Yes, that's Windoze XP on my XO laptop. Click on the image for a larger version. The resolution doesn't quite match the XO screen's native resolution. Minor detail.

OK, so it's not running directly on the XO hardware. It's running on a KVM virtual machine.

And actually, that's not running on the XO hardware either. It's running on my Core 2 Duo machine that runs Ubuntu. What's running on the XO is an ssh client, an X server, and some good wifi networking. The XO makes a sweet little thin client.

So, um, nothing really to see here. Sorry if I got anyone's hopes up. Or fears.


Anonymous said…
Hah. If you can do it, do it, I guess. What were you trying to do, visit Youtube on your XO?
Bryan said…
Nah. You can visit youtube without any modifications. But, um, if you actually want to watch youtube videos you need to install the adobe flash plugin. The videos are still kinda choppy though.

I could also have run firefox from my desktop machine for youtube, instead of an entire virtual machine. No, this was just for fun.
Anonymous said…
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