It Arrived!

My XO laptop has arrived!

And we are impressed.

It's one awesome machine. I love the rugged feel. I had no qualms about letting my 3-year old, or even my 1-year old play with it. Every portable electronic device should feel this tough and usable. The 1-year old had a blast with it. I was really wishing I had a video camera on him. He sat on the couch with it between his legs and pushed every button with both his fingers and toes. He flipped the rabbit-ear antenna/latches up and down, rotated the screen, closed it, opened it, cycled through display orientations, and when I got it back from him it typed only in foreign language characters (I had to reboot it to undo that, though I'm sure there's some other way). He was really mad when I separated him from it. Hilarious.

For my usage, the keyboard is too small to touch type, and to get on the internet through my wrt54g I had to change to channel 11 (that took some serious googling to find) but otherwise I have no complaints. It can't replace my serious work machines, but for browsing the web, checking email, messing around with the camera (as you see above), and playing Tam Tam, it rocks. I'll keep playing with it and pushing it to its limits and make some more reports, but for now I'm a pretty happy camper.


Robert said…
I don't think you need to change to channel 11. I am successfully connecting to my home AP, which is the US-standard channel 6.

The connection process is kinda painful, actually, but once done it seems fine.
Bryan said…
That's true. If you follow my link you see where it says that 1, 6, or 11 work. I just picked 11. For some reason my router was using 4 which made it invisible to the XO.

I didn't know there was a "US-standard" channel. I just thought the idea was to pick something different from your neighbors.

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