XO Laptop On Its Way

While high on Vicodin after my knee surgery, I disobeyed the post-surgery advice that said not to make any big decisions and I purchased an XO Laptop through the Give One Get One program. I really should have written about this sooner, because now it's too late for me to talk anyone else into doing it with me. The program ended December 31st. I think I was feeling a bit guilty about spending the money, especially while under a pain-killer induced haze. I'm not usually that irresponsible! The more I learn about the laptop, though, the more the guilt is replaced with excitement. This is one freaking cool computer. The video of Ivan Krstic impressed me the most. Custom ASICs, extreme power management, and serious security (and he's from Croatia, where I lived for two years. Bok, Ivan!), what more could a geek want?

Because I didn't order at the beginning of the G1G1 program I knew my laptop wouldn't be arriving in time for Christmas, but I was hoping maybe it'd come in time for my birthday (which is the day after Christmas...). Now that's it's almost January, the suspense is killing me, when will it arrive? I searched around a bit and found this great bit of advice, and called FedEx today. My package from Brightstar is scheduled to arrive this week (they actually told me which day, but in case you are planning on hiding in the bushes at my house and intercepting it, I'm not telling)! Now I'm really excited. I have to keep reminding myself to tone down my expectations a little. It is geared for kids and education, not movie watching and game playing, after all. I figure that as long as I can read my email with it on a road trip, it'll be worthwhile. I'll feel warm and fuzzy about the child in Cambodia (or wherever) who gets one too.


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