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I confess, not for the first time, that I'm a sucker for the great software philosophers of our time, Paul, Stevie, and Joel, to name a few. Their blog entries and essays are entertaining and thought provoking. However I'm often left unsatisfied because too much of what they advocate just doesn't apply to firmware and embedded systems programming. Sure, high-level languages like lisp and ruby are neat-o, but I'm just not seeing how they are going to help me poll sensors, write memory-mapped registers, and manage real-time tasks better. Where are the embedded systems philosophers and gurus?

I stumbled upon a few blogs the other day that might begin to qualify as good embedded systems blogs, and I want to write them down before I lost them. So here's a quick list with some accompanying rough first reactions:

Wow, just in making that list I found a few others. It might be time to add another page to my Netvibes RSS collection and see how these compare to the big three I named at the start.


Ron Fredericks said…
Thanks Bryan: I'll take weird as a compliment.

I have a vision that web 2.0 tools will drive tighter collaboration between developers and their business/marketing counterparts. But even more interesting to me, is the use of web-based data and component downloads between devices already manufactured (like cars, phones, fax machines, etc...) and new developer communities with some little improvement or feature so we don't have to throw away an entire device just for some new features.

Principle blogger at http://www.embeddedcomponents.com/blogs
Anonymous said…
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