I installed digikam on a whim at work (f-spot has been annoying me lately, so I thought I'd check out the kde equivalent), and then noticed that my network usage was up pretty high. I ran top and something called gam_server caught my eye. Since it had server in the name I figured it might be network related. Some quick googling around and I learned that gam_server monitors changes to files on your filesystems. Some people mentioned it causing problems with nfs mounted filesystems, which I definitely have a lot of here at work. Others mentioned it being tied in with KDE at a pretty low level, and one forum post on gam_server even mentioned digikam by name. So, on another whim, I did an aptitude remove digikam. My network activity dropped back to near zero.

And then I figured I better write that tidbit of information down in case it could come in handy later. That's all. Thanks for reading.


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