Ubuntu--It's the Little Things

This was originally posted on my family blog on 5/10/06. I will be slowly moving the geeky stuff from there to this blog.

Real quick, two nice little things about Ubuntu that I have neglected to mention, but that show just how fine a Linux distribution it is.

I installed it on a second hard drive, along side my Mandriva install on the first hard drive. Ubuntu actually detected Mandriva there, and copied the grub entries into the Ubuntu grub.conf, so I could still boot Mandriva after installing Ubuntu. I could have done that my self easily enough, but that just made life that much easier.

The other I just noticed this morning. After all my messing around with mondo (which I have working quite nicely now, by the way), Ubuntu includes a Simple Backup Suite (nice write-up here). It's a nice little GUI app and the default settings are exactly what I would want. How cool is that?


Lane said…
"Ubuntu" = a traditional African concept "which translates into 'humaneness' or 'morality' and emphasizes 'respect for human dignity' as well as social justice and fairness. In one South African court decision, justices suggested that 'ubuntu' provides 'a connection between indigenous value systems and universal human rights embodied in international law.'"

See, 146 BYU J. PUB. L. 109, 146

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