Random Reading

This morning I somehow ended up on a string of random readings on the good ol' world wide web. It was one of those times where I can't even remember how I got started, but I ended up reading a few blog posts on some blogs that I've never really come across before, but were totally awesome. And I guess that's how this whole web logging thing got started. People finding cool stuff and feeling the need to write it down, because it was just so cool. So, as best as I can retrace my steps, I was looking for something emacs related, or maybe just reading the Planet Emacsen feed, but I found this wonderful emacs blog that I hadn't really noticed before. Specifically I found the imenu feature. Wow, that's just so handy. Especially when you bind it to your right mouse button. Somehow I also ended up on this googler's blog. I realized I had been there before because of Joel's story on Windows XP shutdown craziness. But what was more interesting was his becoming a better programmer entry. The quote at the end really sums it up, that's just fantastic (and I have a lot to learn). That really reminded me of Mr. Graham's latest entry, which bothered me more than anything he's ever written. I really have a weakness for these geek philosophers (you know, Paul, Joel, Stevey), but this essay of Paul's was the first I just couldn't even finish. I just thought he'd gone too far out of his expertise, or something, I don't know. But then I did finish it. And I liked it more than any of his other essays, and I completely agreed that there is a distinction between smarts and wisdom, because I remembered a favorite scripture of mine that makes the same distinction. Paul basically derived that verse, how impressive is that? Well, except he missed the important part, the danger of confusing intelligence for wisdom. Anyway, the post from Moishe really reiterated the wisdom over intelligence thing for me and I like it. There were other interesting things I found and I bookmarked them on delicious (or scroll all the way down to the bottom of this blog to see them). And that's enough for now really, I just needed to write all that down.


Anonymous said…
I sure wish I was smart enough to understand the stuff you post on here!
Bryan said…
Whatever, dude. You are a genius of a different field. Be thankful you don't have to understand all this stuff ;-)

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