Best Little Emacs Tutorial Ever

I discovered Steve Yegge's long essays and blog posts a while ago. I think it was his Effective Emacs post that I first came across actually, but he's written a whole bunch of interesting geeky stuff. So interesting that I find myself telling my wife about it. So interesting that, even through my pathetic retelling, it actually interests my wife (a little), who isn't even a computery geeky person. I wish I wrote stuff half that interesting. Go check his blog out, because it's just so interesting. Have I mentioned it's interesting? So anyway, I was inspired to write, and publicly thank him for his recent little emacs tutorial. Very educational and entertaining. What more could you want? It just so happens that I'm in the middle of a repetitive editing task, using emacs, of course, and I took a break for lunch and read this tutorial and was inspired to write some interactive lisp functions to make it easier. It took about 30 seconds (after, I don't know, 20 minutes of interesting reading, but that doesn't count). I love it!


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